My life and times…

Through beats and rhymes!!!

The ascent of The Supreme General to greatness has been a resolute, deliberate, and unstoppable march. His music, echoing the raw ferocity of his street background, transcends the confines of stereotypes, challenging the archetype of the "typical young black male from the hood." Behind every note and lyric lies a profound intention, setting a stratospheric standard for personal excellence. His life is a compelling narrative of passion, intention, grit, and transcendence.


Born and bred in the notorious east side of Buffalo, NY, Preme's story intertwines with the common challenges marking the lives of young individuals navigating the inner city. Yet, it is precisely these circumstances that forged an inner drive within Preme to rise above, aiming for excellence regardless of the situation or the adversities he faced.


Preme's lyrical journey began in 2009 when, casually stepping into a friend's studio, he found himself in front of a microphone. A spontaneous verse check ignited a spark, leading him to spend two days penning lyrics and returning to the studio to lay down his inaugural tracks. The journey of countless hours refining his craft unfolded, marked by the release of his first singles, "The Supreme General" and "Supreme Dreamin'."


Later, Preme collaborated with Ken Rutkowski of Outer Limit, birthing "the prelude 2 a Classic!!!" mixtape. A perfectionist seeking top-notch production, Preme recorded two more projects at Outer Limit, "The Supremacy EP" and "Best of the Champions." The latter garnered an endorsement from DJ Supreme of 93.7 WBLK, amplifying Preme's standing as a notable rapper and expanding his ever-growing fan base.


Onstage, The Supreme General transforms into a roaring tour-de-force. Fueled by the audience's fervor, he finds his zone, unleashing turbocharged intensity that is both exhilarating and very real. Opening for Machine Gun Kelly marked his first notable performance, setting the stage for appearances at venues like The Waiting Room, Big Obit Sound Lab, Buffalo LIVE, Club Paradise, OHM Ultra Lounge and many more from Buffalo N.Y. to Toronto.


Beyond his musical prowess, Preme navigates industry trends with an entrepreneurial spirit. Rejecting the conventional route of record labels, he champions an independent approach, leveraging social media for global outreach and artistic collaborations. His debut album, "It's My TURN!!! ...The Throne Ascension LP," has recently hit the airwaves, and he is meticulously crafting his upcoming release, "The GOD album!!!," slated for later this year.


The Supreme General's journey through beats and rhymes isn't just a musical odyssey; it's a testament to resilience, artistry, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.




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