1. CRASH!!!

From the recording Bad Motherfucker!!! Maxi-single


My Rpm's at the redline, foot smashing on the gas//
Before I reach my deadline, live everyday like it's the last//
One I'm gon see, it might be, so I'm movin fast//
Doin what I do truly sublime but how can it last?//
In & out my vision flash depictions of shit from my past//
Hand on the wheel flickin ashes hoping I don't... CRASH//

...hoping I don't crash!!!//

But everytime I'm riding high, it's like im kissing the sky//
...After fucking an angel who defines the word fly!//
On a mu'fuckin cloud I wanna number it nine//
& tho I know it's not in line I wanna call it divine//
All it do is give me signs that I should put it behind me//
But nothin can see me it still can recognize me//
Supplying that, all that and a bag of fries feel//
& 4 some extra bread it's said 2 supersize me//
But everytime I can't get it, it's like falling from the ceiling//
Of a 50 story building every single floor hittin//
til the culmination kills me, that feelin I can't live wit//
I gets it in until the end, u only get one life 2 live//
So imma push mine 2 the limit, even if it ends up flipping//
Or I swerve into the system, crashing head on into prison//
I respect what's in my rearview, cause it shows the shit I been thru//
But this shit I gotta steer thru is formidable! ...let me put my head out the mu'fuckin window//

Rpm's still redlining, foot glued on the gas//
Ain't tryin 2 see my deadline behind the shit I'm doin fam//
But so it might be, & right-ly, cause I'm movin fast//
Narrowly missing collisions, this could all end in a flash//
As in & out my vision pass depictions of shit from my past//
Hand on the wheel flickin ashes hoping I don't crash//

...hoping I don't crash//

Head on into that brick wall... or swerve hard & fall off like the older gods//
who bears the scars that time marks after living hard//
Who should be living like jigga, instead are pushing carts//
Wit everything they own underneath a blanket tarp//
But this is life & what defines is whats in ya heart//
It show the heroes from the villains, real niggaz from the bitches//
Bums from the go-gettas, & smart niggaz from the system//
But since we all meet the same ending & the feelin that I get from what I'm doin is exquisite//
Why bother trying 2 quit? Plus my spirit need a lift//
& that come at any expense, I treat my excess as a gift//
I almost revel in the shit, see how smooth my gears switch//
Like an Aston paddle shift, Add in the potion by the 5th//
My whip could flip at any tick, but self absorption's gassin it//
I'll pass ya ass my 1st attempt, So U can't tell me shit!//
Lack of control is blasphemous//

That's why my rpm's at the redline, foot drilling on the gas//
Get closer 2 my deadline wit every stop sign I pass//
Without a seatbelt, slowing down, I won't take the chance//
If I ever stop, like church walls I'mma stain the glass//
As my whole life plays before me inside of a flash//
Hand on the wheel flickin ashes hoping I don't Crash//

Hoping I don't crash...//

no amount of cash could pass away all the gashes//
Left upon your soul, when it & your heart crashes//
Thru the window of truth & I'm scared of the aftermath//
& it seems 2 go away as I snap open this bag//
Yeah It's ever so brief but the peace I need it bad//
Ironic that peace seems to exist in this bag of trash//
I open it wit my mind 2 find what's in my mental stash//
& Instead stumbled upon the man in the iron mask//
So I open it up fast! Collapsing reaching as I grasp//
wit my spirit feeling like the church steeple during mass//
Somehow hittin turns perfect swerving
Even missed the grass//
Lightpoles, other cars, fake niggaz from my past//
Bad bitches, blown money (out da mu'fuckin) that I snatched up out da stash!//
Side swiped em once or twice, but it don't count if u don't crash//
& I'll NEVER regret anything I did & had a blast//
Just tryin to keep this shit together like a lobster claw clasp//
Before I crash...