A Timeless Essence...


Inhale all the love you have
for the game//
...But exhale the pain!!!//

(Verse 1)

This is a timeless essence...
A small reflection relative of my souls collective//
Experience wit pain
tryin to find its way to pleasure//
The pressure...
though effervescent still cannot effect me//
Because the strength of my spirit
extends beyond measure!!!//
Respect it!!!
Like how my hustle got VS's//
blingin on my necklace
glance directly it'll brighten your perspective//
I learned the lessons
and the rules to the game//
In my city's hardest section
where shit real everyday//
The definition of pain
I had that put in my face//
But yet & still I remain
cause of the heart in my chest//
The blood of a king
flows up under my flesh//
You witness this manifest
everytime you hear me flex//
On a beat I speak
a frequency that u won't catch//
If u ain't focused on the game
it'll fly over ya head//
My flow got these niggaz scared
Like droppin soap in the Feds//
You think you fuckin wit Supreme
you must be off of ya meds//
it's da General

(Verse 2)

I'm only fit...
For first place in this paper chase//
So I stay on my grind like truck slides
Gettin to the cake//
My flow is fresh great
& deep as Lake Superior//
The bullshit I ain't hearin it,
I take ya fate & seal it up!!!//
Yup!!! You absolutely
fuckin wit the BEST!!!//
I'm from eastside
what the fuck did you expect!?!//
You know we get it in
& give it up the smoothest Nigga//
That's why no matter where we go
these bitches always choosing Nigga//
See me out here Game time
stunting while I do these Niggaz//
Dirty Michael J style
or how Floyd Jr do Em//
I'm rap personified
u rockin wit the truest Im//
An A-pex predator
these Niggaz is just food to me//
It's true indeed...
I started as a rogue soldier//
But the fire of desire inside
melted my cold shoulder//
Allowing for the beauty of my soul
to show up//
As the chorus of my foregoers
flows perpetual motion//
It's the General!!!