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This is the second single off my upcoming release “The God album!!!”. I really hope you enjoy!!!


Tales from the bottom of my henny bottle

Let me... crack this seal... and tell u how I feel//Let me... crack this seal... and tell u how I feel//
Let me... crack this seal... and tell u how I feel//
Let me... crack this seal... and tell u how I feel//

These are... the tales from the bottom of my henny bottle//
Tales from the bottom of my Henny bottle//
Tales from the bottom of my Henny bottle//
Sometimes Its like I hit the lotto Sometimes tears follow//

Real nigga all the way around...//
I wrote this shit gettin slizzered off the brown//
Inhaling, exhaling off the loud//
Reflecting on what put that glisten on my crown//
All the blood sweat & tears over the years//
Naysayers & non believers in my ear//
The times alone beholden only 2 my fears//
those Trials and tribulations brought me here//
And I... wouldn’t change none of it...//
The heart beating in my chest don’t pump no sucka shit//
Ready for whatever and for what may come of it//
That’s why every track I’m featured on I crush the shit//
Throw me to a pack of wolves, come back I’ll be running it!!!//
Smile as I put out ya lights, that’s the type u fuckin wit//
Gunning for ya head, collect ya scalp & then I stunt wit it!!!//
This is where the henny take me til I feel the love again...//

Once again...

Lil bad bitch say she on her way thru//
And her nice Lil friend on her way too//
Saying ain’t gon be no limits to what they do//
They tryin 2 Hop up in my bed and act a straight fool//
And u know I’m wit ALL OF IT!!!//
Tom Brady in the pocket way I throw the dick//
They keep coming back it’s logic the way I fold a bitch//
Cut from a different cloth And they already knowing this!!!//
...& that’s why they on they way//
As I await I contemplate if I have gone astray//
If I met the younger me what would he have to say?//
Would he be proud of what I made myself to be today?//
...Then I entertain the ifs like I could’ve had that if I didn’t spend this//
But if if was a fifth we would all be blitzed//
...shit just is what it is and they just pulled up 2 the crib//

Even still...


elation follows orgasms then it’s silence//
the henny clouded rain of thoughts start arriving//
Drenching me with visions of winning on the highest...//
Level!!! And then the fear start subsiding//
Fucked up it wasn’t much to begin with//
But its what keep u alive when u caught up in shit//
So I don’t like to let mine just go on some whim shit//
But I already described my night so u gets it//
Yeah... my minds a million miles away tho//
On a level so deep that I could vibe wit Plato//
Thinkin bout Virge, and his son my brother J yo//
Fighting back tears thinkin bout Box street back in the day so...//
...Many memories and wild nights...//
And... hard lessons Wrapped in love that last for life!!!//
And... That’s the reason I’m a heathen on this mic//
This is... just my life on this night//