1. 40 Bars!!!

From the recording 40 Bars!!!

40 Bars!!! is the 3rd official single off my upcoming full length release “the GOD album!!!” 🙏🏾


Comin at u live from the heavens...
It’s the GOD nigga word to the reverend
Whole style fly beyond measure
& always been a winner like 3 7’s in succession
To step in on my session is a blessing
U really listen u gon exit wit a lesson
And the added message that there is no question
U 100% all the way fuckin wit the BEST man!!!
Them Niggaz talkin greasy really wanna be me
Cause the bitches come and see me then don’t wanna leave me
I make em cum easy fore I leave em wheezing
Like they leave u on read without even a reason
This that real Nigga shit fam
You could hate but u still not shit fam
U can’t relate? Shit just it is what it is fam
End of the day u gon get it how u live fam!!!
So u ain’t got shit coming
Hear my voice on the beat u know it’s a hit coming
Like you double crossed the mob pinching off the skim money
That’s 100 cross the board word to GOD gin rummy
...Come and see me when u ready for the excellence
The one true king on pride rocks precipice
My son birth made the whole jungle represent
It’s why I walk this earth like the Pharoahs outta Kemet did!!!
...Without a care in the world nigga
Heartthrob type rare as black pearls nigga
So Come get her fore I tear thru ya girl nigga
We both know that bitch there is ya world nigga
It ain’t shit to me tho
I play it how it go then let the shit be yo
Then hit the booth & drop that preme guillotine flow!!!
All for the culture too word 2 the migos
You fuckin wit the BEST all the way around
Cold hitter wit precision I ain’t spraying rounds
Try 2 play me 2 the left imma lay u down
Then get wit a pretty brown round and take her down
You know how I give it up
100 percent when I’m in them guts
Or the booth any game I don’t give a fuck
The blunt and the scoreboard both gettin lit as fuck

Fuck it, just keep the shit going Ken
They obviously don’t know who they fuckin wit

Yeah!!! This is Lamborghini PREME G
Full speed, dope as the Medellin be

U ain’t fuckin wit nothin that’s average
It’s the... muthafuckin GOD album!!!

Yeah Nigga!!! The mutha-fuckin BEST!!!